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Christina graduated UC Davis with a BS in Managerial Economics and has worked in the top financial firms such as Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo Private Client, Merrill Lynch Private Client as a Financial Advisor and Relationship Manager managing millions of dollars in their personal portfolios.  Christina is also a serial entrepreneur.  In the past she founded a Corporate Chair Massage Company and a very successful Children's Birthday Entertainment Company called The Best Princess Parties.  Christina has tremendous experience working with children in managing over hundreds of children for hours at birthday parties.   


Christina White Wolfe is currently creating a conscious hub where Tribe leaders, Lightworkers and Healers all around the world have a central gathering place to bring their tribes to one place instead of being separated as we have been for so long.  In this platform, the leaders offer their wisdom where people seeking higher consciousness and wisdom can easily find it in one place.  The ultimate purpose of this hub is to connect all the energy spiritual beings together so that we can raise the human consciousness of this beautiful earth.


Christina also runs Vortex Real Estate Investments LLC  which manages multiple properties, helps people find their dream homes and  manages events on the land , is a Co- Founder of a Network Group called Holding Space LLC with over 40 high powered individuals, Founder of an Angel Investing Group located in the Silicon Valley Bay Area, Founder and active facilitator of a Holistic Wellness Company called White Wolfe Experience that has helped thousands release stress, let go of trauma and guilt, and love themselves and heal wounds, is a teacher with amazing passion, building different structures and tending to land, growing vegetables, loves to play music with her drums, digeridoo, rav drum, singing bowls, training in self defense, making delicious healthy food for the family and homeschooling their two kids. Come join her. 

Christina is also a biohacker and has knowledge and experience of many alternative medicines ranging from different countries such as Costa Rica to Peru.  Christina has also been teaching adults every month since 2016 at her Superhuman Workshops she created which helps people release stress, find clarity in life, remove blockages that is holding them back and helps empower them to find their own super power and purpose in life. Christina is continuously learning in in this beautiful world and being a mom is the most rewarding thing in her life.  

Christina has earned the following Certifications:

* Clarity Breathwork I, II, III

* Founder of White Wolfe Breath Work

* Quantum Energy Touch Therapy

* Dr Sears Health Coach for Children, Adults and Seniors and studied nutrition for over 8 years.

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