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Life is going pretty well. Then you meet The One And you just know it. You want to spend the rest of your life with this human being and here on Wolfe Mountain is the place to solidify your vows to each other.  If you are looking for a beautiful place to hold your dream wedding this is the place for you and your guests.  It is magical here. Absolutely high vibration magical.  It will be magnificent when you and your family and friends come together on a beautiful mountain surrounded by trees and fresh air and yet so close to Silicon Valley.  

  • Use of almost 3 acres of land amongst 12 acres of private land.

  • up to 10 hours of land use 

  • Parking and Toilets

  • Use of Lotus Belle Tent 

  •  (55 is the max for guests usually) 

  •  All weddings on Wolfe Mountain must have a wedding coordinator on site. 

  • Overnight is available

Conscious Ceremonies

Imagine a day where your family and friends gather together to celebrate with intention of solidifying a beautiful conscious journey together. Special ceremonies can be put together to unite this special couple.  This day can start with a Cacao Chocolate Ceremony where all your family and friends along with you both gather intentions in the Ceremonial Grade Cacao purchased from 

Guatemala and make a life long wish of happiness for you and your loved one.  

  • Use of almost 3 acres of land amongst 12 acres of private land.

  • up to 10 hours of land use 

  • Parking and Toilets

  • Use of Lotus Belle Tent 

  •  (111 is the max for guests for minimal impact events) (currently max guests is 25 per Santa Clara County Health 6/25/20)

  •  All Ceremonies on Wolfe Mountain must have a wedding coordinator on site.  

                   Starts at $2800  



This two acre private meadow is perfect for your Girl or Boy Scout Camp or other Camp Retreat Group. Surrounded by trees and perfectly flat nestled in privacy. Theres also a large fire pit perfect for gatherings around the fire for song and dance. 


Anything is possible here when you have two acres of beautiful flat land surrounded by nature and 8 acres of private hiking and nature walks.  Private yet only 5 min from highway 17 and only 10 Min to Los Gatos downtown.   Book your next corporate event or private party. 


Celebrate in nature on two acres of beautiful flat land surrounded by nature.  There's nothing like fresh air and plenty of room to run around and celebrate. You can hear the birds chirping above and the sunshine through the trees.  Book your next birthday party, bar mitzvah, or any private party here.

Outdoor Class

Imagine an outdoor class surrounded by nature! That's a class in and of itself. Here at Wolfe Mountain we are excited to be hosting classes with schools and teachers who are looking for outdoor space so adults and children can continue to expand their minds. Plenty of space for several classes to go at the same time.  

Corporate Events


Fitness Events 

Getting in shape is waaaay more fun outdoors when you breathe in the fresh air. Book your next event here. 

Yoga and Meditation 

There is something about doing conscious breathing and movements outdoors.  Connecting with the earth, animals, trees and water seems to connect the mind body and soul in a different way.  Come book your next event here 

Spiritual Events

Many workshops have been held here with love and beautiful high vibes.  For those who are looking for peace within, here is a tranquil place to release stress, meditate and enjoy nature. 

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