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Super MINI Kids



Parent Participation Sensory Outdoor Program in Nature

Los Gatos, CA (ages 2yrs-6yrs)

Tuesdays 10:30am- 1:30pm

March 9, 2021 - March 30, 2021 (possible upcoming session 4/21-6/9)


Oh my goodness are the kids going to have fun here! Who wouldn't? We are surrounded by nature, with birds chirping, fresh air, safe private land on 12 acres, seasonal pond with frogs and such, butterflies, caterpillars, bunnies and deer! This is an outdoor program for children ages 2-6 years old.  We are a freedom of choice on how to breathe.   We will have mini kids animal yoga, stories that teach compassion and kindness, songs that are high vibrational not like the ones that were sung to as as kids. Why was hush little baby sung to us, quieting us at an early age and then programming us already in buying us a diamond ring? Or rock a bye baby on the tree top and then it crashing down? These are not good songs to sing to children in my opinion. 


This Super MINI Kids will be created with intention, careful thought and awareness.  In ADDITION to the animal yoga, story time, kiddie math, nature walk and songs, there will be also be two specially curated sensory outdoor play each week such as water table, sand table, eye gaze connection, learning math by collecting sticks and acorns, building caterpillar houses, painting, mud kitchen/tea party, obstacle course, climbing, essential oils smelling sensory and more!!!


Since this is a parent participation program, there will be such a beautiful connection between you and your child here. You will both enjoy your time here immensely as I have enjoyed the time with my own children here. 


10:30am- 11am Opening Circle with gratitude for our bodies, animal yoga, story and song. Connection with parents exercise. Introduction to new sensory bins and what the purpose of it is.  



Intro to all the play stations such as sand and water box, Lincoln logs and other wooden play, truck and car mud station, tea party mud kitchen, watering the flowers, caterpillar house building.  Kids can then have free time to play at the stations.


11:30am- 12:30pm lunch gathering/free play/art 


12:30pm-1pm nature walk and awareness exercise.  Collect nature items for learning kiddie math.  


1pm-1:30pm Music class, story and ending song.  


Also to reiterate this is a parent participation class which means you need to be near your child or at least be able to see them wherever you are. This is a vast space and not fenced in.  

What we are aiming for in this program

*Be with other children

*Play!! Smile! Connect with others and each other!!!

*Be free to wander safely

*Help the child blossom into her/his fullest potential

*Be the most vibrant little human being with smiles

*Feel loved, seen and heard

*Feel Understood and accepted as is

*Develop hand, eye coordination and muscle strength

*Gain Self Confidence

*Increase fine and gross motor skills

*Develop physical skills such as balance 

*Explore, be aware and learn about their environment

Please understand we are NOT a school with a curriculum meant to teach them a full math, science, how to read, engineering class feeding information to your child for 3 hours. If you are looking for a full instruction program this is not the program for your child.  We teach connection to nature and each other, compassion and kindness through stories with some instruction. We give them an opportunity to be around other children in an outside atmosphere that is private with the freedom to breathe how they want.  

Teacher- Miss Unity in the scarf in the picture below is a beautiful soul inside and out. 









Hello! I am Miss Unity and I am an avid explorer of consciousness! My passion is compassion and children have been my greatest teacher along this path. My daily practice is to approach life with an open heart and a grounded center. I am a meditation teacher, a sound healer, an energetic ally and a spiritual guide for children and adults as a service in this life. I am very excited to be a teacher at Wolfe Mountain School. I believe our children are the light of the world, and that they have an opportunity to maintain an open beautiful outlook on life that will allow them to soar to heights that could shift consciousness as a whole. I uphold my responsibility to nurture that truth every time I am in the presence of one of these amazing young beings. Kindness, love, connectedness and truth! 

Miss Unity


For more information and to set up a tour, please contact us at

Classes are $16.67/hr with a $50 registration/supply fee.  You can try the first class without signing up for the whole session.  What is important is to see if you and your child resonate with our us and our program and likewise to see if we resonate with you and your child.  


Miss Wolfe


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