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Wolfe Mountain Kids Classes 2022


no classes available currently 


The Superkids workshop has been the highlight of our children’s year. It is the exact medicine our children need today- to be out in nature with like minded souls and a teacher like Christina who cares deeply for each child’s whole well-being, guiding them to learn how to navigate their inner and spiritual side in a practical manner (i.e. breathwork, awareness, intuition, empowerment, self-love, discernment, etc) which is so often neglected in the modern digitized age. Such a gift!
I have so much to write but keeping it simple. hank you again for everything!

When I was a kid, my parents used to say to me, “Go outside and play!” As I kid, I spent a majority of my playtime outside. As a parent now, sometimes I feel my kids don’t get enough time outside. When I found Wolfe Mt School, I was excited to learn the kids would be outside for a majority of the day, learning thru experiences which would include emotional, spiritual and physical activities. Learning next to a camp fire, running in the woods, touching dirt, watching the season change, listening to the birds, and feeling the weather.

When my kids come home, they are talking about things such as the law of attraction, the ripple effect, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, and forgiveness. Ms. Wolfe offers different perspectives, higher vibrational words, problem solving and decision making skills, life long emotional intelligence teachings, and so much more. Where are earth will our kids learn these with other like minded kids?

I hope over time, my kids will have a better understanding in many areas of real life that matter. Things in real life experiences that build successful communication, connection, compromise and long lasting friendships. Thank you Ms Wolfe for showing my kids that vulnerability is key, and showing and sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions is part of a healthy and happy life. Thank you for planting seeds in my kids hearts about loving and accepting who they are as individuals. We are forever grateful.


Chandra Giovanni 


(the first class of the session is always a trial class to see if the fit is right for the child and class)

Super Kids- Breathwork Yoga at the Beach/Emotional Intelligence/ Cooking/Bartering/Entrepreneurial Skills/Life Skills/Writing/Swimming/Self Defense and more!!!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


HELD IN PUERTO RICO, HUMACAO (Palmas Del Mar) starting FEB 2022

EVERY WEDNESDAYS   9am- 3pm   (ages 9-14)  Limited Spaces- Donation request 



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